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Voice Therapy

Voice therapy consists of techniques and procedures that target vocal parameters, such as vocal fold closure, pitch, volume, and quality. This therapy is provided by speech-language pathologists and is primarily used to aid in the management of voice disorders, or for altering the overall quality of voice, as in the case of transgender voice therapy. Vocal pedagogy is a related field to alter voice for the purpose of singing. Voice therapy may also serve to teach preventive measures such as vocal hygiene and other safe speaking or singing practices.

Voice Disorders:

  • Puberphonia (Female like voice of male, a very easily treatable voice disorder)
  • Androphonia (females have a low-pitched voice, less than 100Hz, and sound like a male voice.)
  • Functional aphonia (Sudden complete loss of voice)
  • Soft voice
  • Functional dysphonia
  • Spasmodic dysphonia treatment by voice therapy only without any medicine
  • Hoarse voice, harsh voice, breathy voice (Dysphonia)
  • Hyponasal Voice
  • Dysphonia due to vocal fold paralysis
  • Dysphonia due to vocal nodule
  • Vocal Polyp, vocal nodule, laryngeal cancer Pre and post operative rehabilitation
  • Professional Voice care (for Actors, Singers, Teachers, Political Leaders, and Corporate leaders, Call center executives)
  • Training for Vocal Hygiene techniques,
  • Voice projection
  • Vocal warm up exercises
  • Corporate Speech language Pathology services

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