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About us

TalkHear Speech & Hearing Clinic is a trusted speech therapy and hearing clinic in Dwarka, New Delhi. Our clinic has been providing excellent services for the last six years, and we have earned a reputation for our dedication and professionalism.

We believe in providing customized care for every patient’s hearing and speech needs. Our team of certified & skilled professionals offers a range of services designed to cater to each individual’s unique requirements. We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in hearing device technology to ensure our patients receive the best possible treatment and care.

Our clinic was founded in 2016 by Sonali Dagar with a mission to break down the barriers of silence and bring joy to those who cannot hear or speak.

We are one of the leading speech therapy & hearing clinics in Dwarka, New Delhi, and are committed to providing the best services to our patients.

Our area of expertise

Speech & Language Therapy

TalkHear clinic offers a wide range of speech and language therapy services. We have more than a 90% result rate and satisfied clients across the region. Our experienced team of senior audiologists & Speech therapist brings world-class expertise and high standards of professionalism to serve our clients. Our speech-language therapy services include speech-language disorders (language delay, misarticulation, stuttering, apraxia, dysphagia- children’s & adults, autism, cleft lip & palate, aphasia, and others), voice disorders(dysphonia, vocal cord nodule, vocal polyp, puberphonia, androphonia, vocal cord paralysis) and hearing disorders. We provide speech and language services for toddlers, teenagers, and adults.

Detailed information about speech-language therapy services can be found here.

Teletherapy/Online Speech Therapy

Our sub-brand named “Linguistic Teletherapy” provides online speech therapy sessions. To know more about Linguistic Teletherapy:

Website: www.fabspeech.com
Email: [email protected]

Audiological Services 

We provide a wide range of audiological services.

Detailed information about audiological services can be found here.
To enquire about speech-language therapy & audiological services, please write to [email protected] or Call/WhatsApp at 9315458024

7 Reasons to Visit

We offer our patients information about hearing loss and the different hearing technology choices. This helps you understand your options and make smart decisions about your hearing health.

Our hearing experts can create a full plan to help you hear better. They’ll use the best treatments to make sure you get the help you need.

Our diagnostic examinations accurately determine what listening environments are particularly problematic for your lifestyle, and a treatment plan is developed specifically for your individual hearing needs.

We work with the world’s best manufacturers, and we offer a complete lineup of the most technologically advanced hearing systems available anywhere.

Once we know exactly what’s going on with your hearing, our experts use comfy and super clear technology to help you hear better.

As part of our comprehensive better-hearing program, you’ll receive cleanings, free batteries, and hearing aid refittings when changes in hearing and lifestyle occur.

We’re motivated by helping people reconnect with their families and loved ones through better hearing, and our passion for better hearing means you get the best experience — every time.